The main American Airline Baggage Restrictions

American Airline Baggage Restrictions

Airlines passengers flying on one of the carrier’s lowball basic economy fare tickets will get a big break come Sept. 5. That is when American will allow passengers ticketed in that fare category to board planes with both a personal item and a carry-on bag. When AA introduced basic economy fares early in 2017, passengers ticketed in this fare class were allowed to bring only one personal item onboard, and it had to fit beneath the seat. American Airlines Reservation is a very simple process and can be done using American airlines and they can even help you get American Airlines Flight Deals.

  1. Excess Baggage Seasonal restrictions

Seasonally, only 2 bags are permitted for select cities in Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. You can view the applicable cities here with seasonal limitations.

  • Excess Baggage Year-Round Restrictions

Only 2 bags are permitted for select cities in Mexico and the Caribbean. You can view the applicable cities here with year-round limitations.

  • The loosening of carry-on bag restrictions, of course, will make AA’s basic economy fare even more attractive to passengers who might be considering booking instead with an ultra-low-fare competitor or another legacy carrier, such as rival Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), which already had looser baggage restrictions for its version of the basic economy fare. Book your American airline tickets at least 7 weeks before you want to travel to save a substantial amount of money.
  • The move to ease carry-on baggage restrictions for American’s basic economy fare also appears designed to ease any potential problems during the flight boarding process when gate agents discover basic economy passengers had arrived at the gate with more than a single personal item. Passengers have been required, in some instances, to check bags at the gate and incur additional baggage fees — slowing the boarding process. American airline flights will assist you with a hassle-free and wonderful travel experience to the destinations of your choice.
  • The change in baggage restrictions is a plus for American customers. But it could lower the revenue American can generate from passengers who might otherwise have opted to buy a more expensive economy fare to get around the carry-on baggage restrictions that now go away Sept. 5. What is not changing in the latest revamp of the American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) basic economy fare is the boarding position of travelers with those tickets: They will board the airplane last.

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